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Nock & Sparrow

Accessibility Remediation & Accessible Website Builds

We help companies avoid costly accessibility lawsuits, expand their markets, and show their company values by remediating and building accessible websites for them.

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Become ADA and AODA Compliant ... and Stay That Way

We provide accessibility consulting and front-end development to help your team create an accessible website. We'll make sure you know how to keep it ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) compliant by educating your staff and establishing internal practices so you can avoid unhappy customers and lawsuits. Schedule a free consultation to discuss what works best for your team.

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Expand Your Market

Increasing your customer base to include people with disabilities increases your market to reach more people. More people will be able to access your content, buy your products, or request your services.

man who is blind using a mobile phone

Increase Loyalty

When people with disabilities know they can rely on your site to be accessible to them, they're more likely to be loyal to your brand and continue coming back to buy products and services.

man with ALS using a computer

Show Your Company Values

An accessible website is a great way for your brand to show you care about your customers and practice your company values. If you advertise that your company celebrates Diversity & Inclusion, having an accessible website is evidence of that.

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Accessibility is a Civil Right

People with disabilities deserve access to your website, too. Show your customers you care by standing with them in the fight for equality.

boy with down syndrome using a megaphone to amplify his voice

How We Help You Make Your Website Accessible

  1. Initial Consultation

    This will allow us to determine how much accessibility support you need and what works best for your team structure. We know that time is money, so we'll create an efficient plan that works for you.

  2. Accessibility Audit

    If you're trying to make improvements to an existing site, we recommend an accessibility audit. Our audits are thorough and detailed. We'll find accessibility bugs, reference WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance info and the level of severity, and provide recommendations on how to remediate issues in a detailed spreadsheet that can be ported into your ticketing system of choice.

    If you need an ACR (Accessibility Conformance Report), sometimes referred to as a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) certificate, to show compliance on your site, we can also provide that.

  3. Compliant Front-end Development & Testing

    If you already have front-end development and QA (Quality Assurance) testing covered, we can help support them by providing guidance and code reviews. If not, we can handle this for you.

  4. Training

    Regardless of whether or not you hire us to help you build your site, we'll educate your team and help you create internal processes so your site stays accessible.

  5. Ongoing Support

    We care about your website and your ability to sustain the accessibility efforts you make. We provide ongoing support so you always have someone on hand to answer accessibility questions. Websites change over time with new content and interactive features. Make sure everything stays accessible by reaching out when you need us and scheduling check-ins.

Say good-bye to the frustration and overwhelm, and get started on your path to an accessible site you can be proud of!

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Our brand site went several years, multiple agencies and designers plus two style guide refreshes and one replatform - all with limited accessibility consideration. Nock & Sparrow completed an in-depth site audit, prioritized the work and made all the subsequent fixes.

Beyond the technical fixes, Nock & Sparrow provided added value to design and creative teams by delivering educational sessions on accessibility that aimed to avoid future issues. All work was meticulously documented so that teams and agencies have a reference to follow.

Outstanding, top-notch work that I highly recommend!

Steve Hebert, Digital Marketing Manager

Nicki has deep expertise, and a true passion, towards making the online world both accessible and more engaging to our fellow humans of all abilities. Working alongside her has made me a better engineer.

Peter Kowalczyk, Full-stack Engineer, Technical Architect